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cd van harmonie, fanfare en brassband

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  • Patrons' Choice X
    € 14,79
  • Fairey Tales Volume 2
    € 17,81

    Fairey Tales Volume 2
    Conducted by Garry Cutt and Tom Davoren

  • Flight - My journey
    € 17,81

    Keith Muggeridge proudly supporting the Thames valley air ambulance

  • Return of Legends
    • Niet op voorraad
    the Return of Legends
    € 14,88

    Brighouse and Rastrick Band conducted by Alan Morrison

  • Brass Pearls of...
    € 14,88
    Black Dyke Band, Cory Band
    conducted by Nicholas J. Childs, Robert B. Childs
  • Time Machine
    € 14,88
  • Of Gods and Kings
    € 14,79

    In ancient times the relationship between kings and their gods was an uneasy one. Kings believed themselves to be gods, intermediaries between the gods and the people. Throughout history the myths and legends surrounding gods and kings have influenced writers the world over. This recording features substantial works, the composers of which have taken inspiration from such tales and stories.

  • Lost Treasures Volume 2
    € 17,81

    Glenn Van Looy - Euphonium
    Geert Callaert - Piano
    String Quartet

  • Bolero
    € 16,45

    This disc is a celebration of the love affair that Brighouse & Rastrick continues to have with the music of some of the greatest composers. Throughout the history of the band, they have always maintained a fine reputation for delivering high quality music to their listeners and it was an obvious choice to conceive a collection of music by compositional greats.

  • Highlights from the...
    € 22,11

    De Highlight CD van de Europese Brass Band Championships 2018 in TivoliVredenburg Utrecht.

  • The Wagon Trail
    € 14,88

    The Wagon Trail - CD

  • Storytelling
    € 14,79

    Once upon a time, there was a brass band from a very small village in the Rhondda Valley in deepest Wales. The band has a long history stretching back into the 19th Century, and several generations of musicians had strived for many decades to put the band on the map. The name of this band was… The Cory Band.