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Foden's Band

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  • Patrons' Choice X
    € 14,79
  • Of Gods and Kings
    € 14,79

    In ancient times the relationship between kings and their gods was an uneasy one. Kings believed themselves to be gods, intermediaries between the gods and the people. Throughout history the myths and legends surrounding gods and kings have influenced writers the world over. This recording features substantial works, the composers of which have taken inspiration from such tales and stories.

  • Patrons' Choice IX
    € 14,79
  • We Meet Again
    € 14,79

    When asked by Foden's to make this recording of my music, I didn't hesitate. Not only is it an armchair ride to conduct the band, they are as welcoming a group as you can find. I value too, their activity in education, working with young musicians, not just locally, but in many parts of the country.

    Howard Snell

  • Trials & Triumphs
    € 14,79

    Three dates across a two-year period tell the story of this album:

    Sunday 17 April 2016, Wednesday 6 September 2017 and Saturday 6 October 2018.

  • Brass Night
    € 14,88