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  • Flight - My journey
    € 17,81

    Keith Muggeridge proudly supporting the Thames valley air ambulance

  • Lost Treasures Volume 2
    € 17,81

    Glenn Van Looy - Euphonium
    Geert Callaert - Piano
    String Quartet

  • Timeless
    • Niet op voorraad
    € 20,62
    The eagerly awaited sequel to ‘The Voice of the Tenor Horn’ is finally available. This new recording takes the listener on a journey with pieces new and old that have featured in important moments on Sheona’s journey since her first CD.
  • December
    € 14,79

    Manger Musikklag Conducted by Allan Withington

  • In Principal
    € 14,46

    Musicians like Tom Hutchinson are rare in the world of brass bands. Passionately devoted to his art, I have seen at close quarters Tom's development over the last three years into surely one of the best cornet players of his generation.

  • Vox
    • Aanbieding!
    € 10,33

    De nieuwe solo CD van Robbert Vos: VOX
    Met nieuwe composities van Marco Putz, Christian Overhead, Geert Jan Kroon, Jan Bosveld en Hendrik de Boer

  • Dual
    € 14,79

    Soloists: Robbert Vos & Anteun Hoesen

  • Grimethorpe Entertain
    € 14,79

    Every track on 'Grimethorpe Entertain' is a première studio recording, and with eight original compositions combined with seven skillful arrangements we have endeavored to create a release that not only entertains, but also showcases new repertoire from some of our finest composers.

    David Childs

  • By Request II
    € 14,79

    This second disc in the By Request series from Grimethorpe Colliery Band features a wide range of concert repertoire conducted by Dr Robert Childs and Ray Farr. There is some stunning solo work on display from six of the band's sterling soloists as well as a guest appearance from Frank Renton.

  • Grimethorpe 100
    € 14,79

    A compilation disc celebrating the 100 year history of Grimethorpe Colliery Band

  • Hymns Volume II
    € 14,79
  • Cross Flourishes
    € 14,88

    The idea of a recording was first talked about at the historic gala concert after the The National Brass Band Championships in 1997. The trombone sections became instant friends. This CD is a collaboration of the trombone sections from both Black Dyke Band and The ISB. Profits from the making of this recording go to Air Ambulance.